History and Accomplishments

  • FAIR was created in 2001 by Toni Zimmerman and Jen Aberle at Colorado State University in the Human Development and Family Studies Department.
  • 2002: FAIR was the focus of a film by the Cambridge Film Company, a leader in educational social justice related films.
  • 2004: A FAIR teacher training project involving 2,500 participants and 150 educators in Northern Colorado was completed.
  • 2004-2005: A FAIR training book was completed to read with participants, and this website was first developed.
  • 2005: The Bohemian Foundation funded a teach the teachers conference to facilitate social injustice education in the classroom using the FAIR curriculum.
  • 2006: FAIR curriculum was highlighted in the education periodical, Teaching Tolerance.
  • FAIR has been the topic for multiple doctoral dissertations and thesis, and numerous publications and studies, including:
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“It has forced me to look at myself in new ways and has given me great ideas on how to work with people of all ages” (FAIR conference teacher response).

“I think it [the FAIR program] can be wide-ranging in the classroom and [is] something that all can relate to” (FAIR conference teacher response).